5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

The coming of the holidays is no time for making major improvements to your home. However, you can get it ready for your guests this Christmas with some simple modifications. Just focus on areas where you will be hosting your guests and where they will be spending some time.

Here are several ways you can do these enhancements:

Make your home kid friendly.

If you don’t have children and you want your home to be welcoming for your guests’ children, then you should make sure that it’s kid friendly. Here are several ways you can do it:

– Set up a corner of your dining or living room into a kids’ corner. Place books, toys, colouring materials, a tablet for watching cartoons and some pillows here.

– Turn a guest room into a changing or nursing area for new moms.

– Make your dessert course into a fun activity for older kids. You can bake a big batch of holiday-shaped sugar cookies and allow them to decorate these with Christmas-coloured icing.

– It is also important that you kid-proof your home. Put any unstable, breakable and expensive items away. This will help you and the parents relax during the party.

Take care of your floors.

Your house would look a whole lot cleaner if you have spotless floors. This means that even if you are unable to clean your whole house before your event, having clean floors is already great. 

If you have carpeted floors, the best thing to do is to have them cleaned at least three days before your party. This will give them time to dry completely.

Make sure all your kitchen appliances are in good working condition.

As you will be using all your kitchen appliances for your party, then you have to make sure they are all ready and functional. Clean your oven and make sure all your burners are working. Your knives should also be sharpened as you will be using these during all your preparations.

Also, take time to clean out your fridge. Check to see that this and your freezer are running at their ideal temperatures.  Your dishwater should also be in its best working condition. 

Light the way into your home.

Clean the path leading into your entryway and your front yard and keep it well-lit. This will ensure that your guests will find their way to your home. You can do this by installing solar lights into the ground.

On the day of your party, open your blinds and your windows. This way, your friends can easily see into your festive home.

Put some holiday cheer into your bathroom.

There is an easy way to get rid of the grout and grime in your bathroom. Just spray this dirt with full-strength hydrogen peroxide and let it stay on for 10 minutes. Once the time is up, wipe all of the surfaces clean. 

You can clean your sink drain with a Zip-It, a cheap tool that looks like a huge zip-tie. Just work this down the drain to pull out hair clogs and other gunk.

As soon as you are done cleaning, place a pot of poinsettia in your bathroom or some holiday decorations to give it some holiday cheer. Now, your powder room is ready for guests.

All of these things are simple and easy to do before your guests start coming for the holidays. Just make sure not to over-exert yourself so you will still be able to enjoy the festivities.

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