5 Ways to Show Your Interests in Your Home

5 Ways to Show Your Interests in Your Home

Your home is a reflection of your tastes and of who you are. If you have been decorating your home with only tasteful pieces that speak of your style, this does not necessarily tell anyone of your interests or passions.

How about you celebrate the things you love doing by infusing them into your home décors. When your skills, hobbies and talents are displayed, maybe this will inspire you more and allow you to feel more at ease in your home. 

Below are several ways you can do this without having to spending a cent:

Make use of your talents.

If you are a creative soul, let it shine in your rooms daily. If you are great at painting, you can display your works of art on your walls. If you are into calligraphy, you can even make a school checklist and place it by the door for your kids to check if they missed to bring something.

Showcase your collection and make it tell a story.

When you love collecting things, you can let the pieces you own tell your story. When you put them together, they will form a narrative of how you came about getting them. 

Place your collections on your mantel or any other surface where they can tell their entire story. Glass cabinets or display shelves can work for figurines and glassware, while albums and photo walls are great for stamps and photo walls, respectively.

Store your tools where you can reach them.

A lot of creative passions come with lovely tools and they should be put on display. You can position your easel, paints and brushes somewhere where you can see it every day. You can place your guitar on the wall or your crochet materials on a pretty basket where you can easily access it.  

Set the mood with your treasures.

While most of your possessions are for your own enjoyment because of the feelings and memories they evoke, some of them just need to be shared with others. This could mean placing your grandpa’s pipe on a display case or the framed letter from your great-grandmother to your great-grandfather on a wall. These are not only great reminders but also perfect conversation starters.

Display seasonal equipment the entire year.

You can keep your seasonal hobbies alive the whole year round. During off season, you can mount your fishing poles or your skis on top of your door or on a wall in the living room. You can even mount your canoe paddle on your ceiling or the whole canoe itself if you have the room, if this is what you like. The good thing about all this seasonal equipment is they can be used outside when the time comes, so you don’t have to worry about interim storage.

These are just several of the ways you can incorporate your interests into your home décor. Hopefully, these could inspire you to showcase your prized possessions so you can share it to others and keep your passions alive every day.

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