5 Decorating Tips that Guarantee the Best Christmas Tree

5 Decorating Tips that Guarantee the Best Christmas Tree

One of the things people usually look forward to during the Christmas season is putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it. While you can decorate your tree however you want, it might be better if you observe some simple tips that will ensure having awesome tree this year or the coming years to come.

Below are just some of these effective decorating tips that will bring out the most impact for your Christmas tree:

1. Stick to only two or three colours.

There is nothing wrong about loving colours. However, it is best if you will stick to three different colours at most in decorating your tree. This way, you won’t have a tree that overwhelms your other décors. 

It is also better if you will use curated colours like the traditional red and green mixed with some gold or the classy blue and silver. You can also go for pastel shades for a more modern approach to the usual Christmas colour variations. 

2. Stay away from garish lights.

Even if you have children who might love all those primary-coloured lights on your Christmas tree, you would get the best effect from your tree if you will use the simpler white twinkling lights. These will not only showcase your décors to their best advantage, they also provide a softer glow that is not painful to the eyes. 

3. Go easy on the tinsel.

Tinsel is one of those décors you can easily put on with the help of your kids. However, too much tinsel can make it hard for you to effectively curate your other ornaments. The best way to go about this is to either use tinsel sparingly or go tinsel-free entirely. This will provide your Christmas trinkets the chance to shine.

4. Avoid using plastic ornaments.

Plastic ornaments might be fun and cheap especially if you have children, but they get chipped or broken easily. To get the same fun out of decorating, you can use fabric decorations instead. These are not only interesting pieces, but also provide softness and texture to your tree. They will also last longer.

There are now a lot of homeware retailers that supply a broad range of Christmas ornaments, which include these fabric ornaments. The problem with this is that you will have too many selections to choose from. You can make choosing extra special and fun though by including your kids in the process.

5. Use cost-efficient hooks.

Make sure your decorations stay in place until the end of December by using only cost-efficient hooks. You can also replace fabric hooks with wire so you can easily mould them to the branches of your Christmas tree. 

You will be glad you did this when your younger kids decide to play with your decorations and start grabbing on to those that are within their reach. 

There might be more decorating tips you know about that you’d like to follow aside from the ones above. Regardless of how many tips you follow, the most important thing is showing off your Christmas tree in its best light. This will not only make you proud of what you’ve done, but also bring joy to your little ones.

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