9 Exterior Paint Colours that Can Help Sell Your Home

9 Exterior Paint Colours that Can Help Sell Your Home

If you have made a decision to sell your home, one of the things you can do to make it more attractive to potential homebuyers is to repaint it. Choose traditional or neutral colours as these can make your house look warmer and more inviting. 

Here are several exterior paint colours that will add on to the curb appeal of your home and make it sell better. 


If this elegant shade is a favourite among interior designers, there is no reason it shouldn’t be the same for exteriors. Choose a grey shade that is not too dark and accent it with some light beige. This combination will do wonders for your home.

Blue Grey

From the classic shades of grey, we go to deep blue greys that will give a tranquil, nautical feel to the façade of your house. Although this works great for homes near the waterfront, this can actually work in any neighbourhood. It is also best if it is complemented with a white trim.


Play it safe with this classic neutral favourite. It is not as clean as the traditional white, but at least it is not as nondescript either. You can accent this with white or with warm colours such as olive, soft yellow or pink.

Cypress Green

A cross between grey and green, cypress green is neutral enough to work with different colours without being too boring. This colour will provide a delightful contrast to black or dark grey shutters.

Light Blue

Whether your home is located along the coastline or in a cosy suburb, fresh colour combinations can always improve its architectural elements. Deep aqua and light blue can provide a soothing backdrop for doors and shutters painted in bright blue.


Yellow will always give anyone that bright, sunshiny feeling of happiness and this applies if this the colour of your home’s exteriors. However, to attract a bigger number of prospective buyers, you need to go with a paler shade. Aim for a cheerful hue instead of a blinding one.


This buttery shade is almost yellow and not quite white, but it will give you a clean and warm feeling just the same. This colour is a perfect match for grey-blue or dark brown accents and will provide a glowing backdrop for the green of your well-manicured lawn.

Sable Brown

Make a solid statement with this dark and earthy colour for your home’s exterior. This shade can be paired well with shutters painted in white, black, red or blue – a combination that will make for an outstanding curb appeal. 


Any home painted in white or off-white has the kind of timeless appeal that will draw in a lot of potential homebuyers. Just go for white hues with undertones of creamy yellow instead of stark white as this would complement any home style. You can also accent this griege shutters or a cream-coloured door or entryway.

The colours mentioned above are the most traditional and neutral shades you can choose from to ensure that your home will sell faster. Pick one and you will draw in tons of prospective buyers to your property.

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